Technical Coordinating Committee

The Technical Coordinating Committee will consist of persons with technical expertise appointed by the Chairperson of the Policy Committee in accordance with the Bylaws. The Technical Committee shall meet on a called basis. The Technical Coordinating Committee shall serve as a team to guide the technical aspects of transportation planning and shall hold the following responsibilities:

1. Review all technical aspects of the Continuing Phase Plan prior to submission to the Policy Committee.

2. Review requests from other committees, agencies, organizations and individuals for changes in the Transportation Plan and make appropriate recommendations.

3. Provide technical guidance and direction for the other committees and agencies in the collection and evaluation of data.

4. Appoint subcommittees with specific duties as necessary for the conduct of the planning process.

5. Recommend revisions to the approved Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, the Continuing Phase Plan, and others as appropriate.

6. Determine if current transportation data is in accord with previous projections and examine the significance of any discrepancies that may exist.

7. Review the study area boundary and recommend revisions if necessary.

8. Maintain data on traffic patterns and trends relative to zonal traffic forecasts.

9. Review land use changes and evaluate the effect on projected land use trends and the Area Transportation Plan or subsequent land use plans.

10. Review requests for changing the West Memphis Land Use Plan.

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